AA Try out Results

Mar. 28, 2017

Please find a link to the results of each AA try out. Congratulations to all of Beaumont players who made the team.

Mosquito AA - Huculak - http://cloud.rampinteractive.com/beaumontminorball/files/2017%20-%20Mosq%20AA%20-%20Huculak-.pdf

Mosquito AA - Kruk - http://cloud.rampinteractive.com/beaumontminorball/files/2017%20-%20Mosq%20AA%20-%20Kruk.pdf

Pee Wee AA - Tritten - http://cloud.rampinteractive.com/beaumontminorball/files/2017%20Peewee%20AA%20-%20Tritten-.pdf

Bantam AA - Gerlitz - http://cloud.rampinteractive.com/beaumontminorball/files/2017%20Bantam%20-%20Gerlitz%20AA.pdf

Bantam AA - Irwin - http://cloud.rampinteractive.com/beaumontminorball/files/2017%20Bantam%20-%20Irwin%20AA-.pdf

Midget AA - Maron - http://cloud.rampinteractive.com/beaumontminorball/files/2017%20Midget%20AA%20-%20Maron.pdf

Midget AA - Stang - http://cloud.rampinteractive.com/beaumontminorball/files/2017%20Midget%20Stang.pdf


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